The main focus my practice is big data and almost always starts with a large data set, be it High Frequency Trading, GPS coordinates, or environmental statistics. My work deals with breaking down systems to read and visualize the embedded information. This research is about reflecting on the information and being rigorous enough to break through myths and preconceived notions. This impulse to find the message in the data goes hand-in-hand with uncovering the inherent patterns within. There is a pure and applied science to my research that enables the visual nature to manifest itself physically in forms of drawing, textiles, engraving, video, and sound.

NAOMI COOK (b. 1982, lives and works between Montreal and Paris) studied Art and Philosophy at Concordia University, Montreal. Her technique stems from interest in engravings, sound, and visual representations of data. Her work has been featured in several group exhibitions in Montreal and abroad. Her works were selected by Canadian Art as favourites of the 2015 edition of PAPIER Art Fair, Montreal. In 2016, she was in Paris at Récollets as part of the Résidences Croisées France-Québec. Represented by Christie Contemporary.

Naomi Cook a étudié l’art et la philosophie à l’Université Concordia. Sa technique origine d’un intérêt pour la gravure, le son et les représentations visuelles de données. Son travail a été présenté dans le cadre de plusieurs expositions de groupe à Montréal et à l’étranger. Ses œuvres ont fait partie des favoris de la foire PAPIER en 2015 et de la revue spécialisée Canadian Art. En 2016, elle s’est rendue à Paris dans le cadre des Résidences croisées France-Québec au Centre les Récollets. Représentée par Christie Contemporary. Membre du Centre CLARK depuis 2014.